Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Welcome to our family blog. Tori taught me how to create one for our business. The other day I was looking through our pictures and realized how great of a life we really have. I thought I would share with all of our dear friends and family. These pictures sure did bring a smile to my face and tears to my eyes as I realized - my family is my greatest blessing!!! Enjoy!

The Mormon Batallion!

When we went to California we went to the Mormon Batallion. It was amazing and the spirit was really strong. After traveling around all over for several days, it was wonderful to be in a building where the spirit was so strong. We are so blessed to have the gospel.

Kylan In The Minors!! - 1st Place

The Champions of the minor league. Ky is so lucky to have Eric as his coach. They are a great team and wow... What a Season!!!

That one will leave the park!!

Ok.... So he made it to third!!! Not Bad!!

What a cute ball player.

Chloee!! Chloee!! Chloee!!!

She is Always smiling - unless her brother Ghavan is teasing her!!!

She loves wearing her princess dresses. She is the ideal little girl for our family. In the summer she was outside in the yard playing baseball with her brothers in this dress. That's Our Girl!!!

Chloee at one of the many soccer games of Ghavan's. Wow, she is a very patient sister and we have told the boys they will be to all of her games, performances of whatever she decides to do. They owe her big!!!

What a beautiful little girl!!

My dad said to me one day that he couldn't help but smile when he saw Chloee. If that isn't the truth I don't know what is. She is a doll. Always happy and smiling. She and I do everything together and love eachother so much. We do have this little night time problem - she loves climbing into our bed in the middle of the night. She snuggles in between Eric and I and sleeps wonderfully. Eric and I don't after she get in, but hey - she is just so cuddly and cute.

Chloee!!! First Day of Pre-school!!!

Does she look like a tease or what??

My Baby Is In Pre-School. Thank goodness the school is one block from our house and the teacher is a dear friend of mine. I can't imagine sending her too far. She loves pre-school and has learned so much. She is just beautiful!!

Ghavan's Baptism

Ghavan's baptism day was Beautiful. The sun was shining and Ghavan was pretty sparkly too. His dad baptized him and that is such a blessing. They are the best of friends and so blessed to have each other.

Ghavan and Mom love each other so much. I can't believe my little Ghavar is baptized. It seems like I was just holding my little baby - time flies.

So Handsome!! We got him a blue shirt to match his eyes!!

Three best friends. What more could a mom and dad want. We sure love you three and are so grateful to have you. Chloee is so lucky to have two big brothers to love her.

Grandma Pearce, Great Grandma Pearce, Ghavan, Great Grandpa Pearce, Grandpa Pearce, Mom & Dad. Wow, I haven't written or typed Pearce that many times is a very very long time. Great Grandma hadn't been feeling well at all and went against her doctor's orders to be there for Ghav's special day. We love her and Grandpa so very much.

Ghavan - What A Wrestler!!

Nothing like a first place metal and a great family to share it with. We love you to pieces Ghavan and are so proud of you.

Ghavan took 1st place at the State Tourament in Wrestling. He did an amazing job. Ghavan has a real talent for wrestling. He doesn't ever quit and is so coachable. He is as tough as nails - and boy, wrestling is the hardest sport to watch as a mother. My stomach is in knots by the time he is done. I am so grateful he is so good. If he wasn't that would make things much harder to watch.

Kylan Super League Baseball Team

Kylan played for the Cache Beavers this year. He played in the Baseball Super League and loved it. As most of the pictures show, Ky caught for the season. He did an incredible job. As a mother it is so awesome to see your child dig deep to accomplish something. There were games where the heat was exhausting and Ky would have sweat running down his face. He never gave up and he has to be the cutest catcher I have ever seen!!!! We Love You Ky!!!

Kylan was a great leader for his team.

He looks so grown up!

This was a tough game and as you can tell by Ky's face, he was so happy when the lsat out was made. Tagged at the plate!!!! - You can see the back of Eric's head - he is always there for everything the kids do.

California 2008 Vacation

Kylan, catching a wave. The water was freezing and he didn't care. He was a beach bum and would love to move by the ocean. I think we all would.

Ghavan, Ghavan, Ghavan. What a cute boy!! He was loving the beach. We drew pictures and wrote fun messages in the sand. Notice the hair cut. We stayed at Camp Pendleton in california which is a marine base. Ghavan went to a base barber shop - and got an actual marine flat top. He took his little cousin Johnny.
Chloee!!! She is happy no matter what she is doing. The water was a little chilly - so she stayed on the beach and played with me. We bought the kids these floating boards to body surf on. What a blast.

Ok, so this picture really describes our family. Goofy to the core!!! I love this family more than anything and look for many more memories together.

We had the trip of a life time last year and I thought we would share. We truly wonder if our little family was meant to live near the ocean rather than the mountains. We couldn't have loved this trip more. We were gone for nine days. We went to Disneyland, SeaWorld, The Wild Animal Kingdom, Old Town, and so many other places on the way there and on the way home. But our favorite was THE OCEAN!!!! - Our kids forfeited their California Adventure Tickets to stay at the beach house and swim!! - What wonderful memories - they will never be forgotten!

Welcome To Our Family Blog

Ok, so I set up a blog for our business - ontheavenuelogan.blogspot.com - but hey, my family needs one too. We have had so many great memories - so I must share!!!! We traveled, sat at baseball, wrestling, soccer and basketball. Ghav was baptized, Chloee started pre-school and Ky played baseball in a Super League. They are growing up so fast and as I have looked at all these pictures I decided I wanted you all to enjoy with me.