Thursday, June 4, 2009


I absolutely love this picture. This was the hardest four years of our lives. And as I look back, I can't help but think of all the wonderful things that helped us along the way. I could list thousands of things that people have done for us, to make this road less rocky. If you would have asked me 10 years ago, if this was the path we would have taken, I would have laughed. I never thought we would be where we are today, but the Lord truly has guided us along this crazy path. It is absolutely amazing and we are so thankful to each of you for your love and support. And to our kids - what a sacrifice you have made!! This degree is for all of us, not just dad. You are amazing and I can't wait to be standing in a picture next to you on your graduation day. (Did I just say that? Of course I can wait)

This is a well deserved Kiss!! WooHoo!!

This was awesome. A little blurry, but it definitely shows the emotion that was felt that day.

What a Cutie - Way To Go Babe! You are the best.


Dad & Ky - What a great team!

That is a great Squish! - We love you buddy!

A Daddy and his princess. Chloee was born two months after Eric started school. What is she going to do when her Dad actually goes to a job all day and doesn't bring her Kit Kat's and treats in the middle of the day? They absolutely adore eachother.
What a great bunch of cute kids! Boy, this day was incredible. The boys cheered when they said Eric's name. They yelled "We Love You Dad" I was so cool.

The night before graduation, Eric worked until 11:30 - so the kids and I went graduation shopping. We got him this aggie shirt, an Aggie cake, balloons and a blanket. We stayed up until he got home and ate his cake. As you can tell, we are all very excited and nobody is tired.

Great Job Dad!!! We Love You The Most!!

Winter 2009

We have some great friends that invited us to go sledding. We went to a hill that is right by our Stake Center. We spend a long time there and had so much fun. Thanks Matt, Annish and Bridg - we are so blessed to have you as friends.

Wow - That looks like fun!! And look at that DEEP mark I am making with all that heavy weight on that sled. (HAHA - who cares)

My little snowbunny. She doesn't get cold and could stay outside in the snow for hours on end.
She pulled that sled up the hill so many times. She was amazing.

Ghavan kept throwing snow on everyone. Finally Matt and his dad got even with him. He wasn't very happy, but he had it coming!

Ky found some friends and they made a jump. He brought his cousins snowboard and had a blast. He is a natural (Imagine that - isn't he at everything he tries) - Love you Ky!

Ok, so after the long hard day of climbing the hill, her daddy's help was a must. What a team.

Chloee & Bridger - He loves to come and visit "Chloee and the boys" He is expecting a little sis of his own in a few weeks.

Annisha - pregnant and looking great. Helping Bridge up the hill.

Matt - brought that great shovel. It was a great tool for the snowfight he and Eric had with Ghav.

Kylan's 5th Grade Award Ceremony

This is a great day at the school when they give out 5th grade awards. Kylan got seven different awards which was awesome. There was one that took my breath away and I was so excited for him. He placed in the top 10% in the nation for his ready and science on the Iowa Test. I was so shocked when they called his name (Not because he is dumb or anything like that), that I forgot to take a picture of him receiving the award. What a great accomplishment. He has worked so hard this year in school. Good Job Buddy!!!

Kylan and Mrs. Dean (his teacher)

Down By The River

This is a couple blocks from our house. It is the blacksmith fork river and it is beautiful. Eric took the kids down one day to fish and be together. I absolutely ADORE this picture. "And This Is My Joy" definitely comes to mind. Eric and I are so blessed.

Tea Party Time

Chloee loves to play with her bears and they love having tea-parties together. This was the funnest day. Chloee served them string cheese, water & crackers.

Happy Birthday (Ok, In March)

Grandma and Grandpa Pearce came to our house. Grandma made Chloee a Care Bear skirt that is darling. Grandpa pretended to put it on and Chloee thought that was hilarious. This is a GREAT picture. We love you Grandma and Grandpa.

It is hard to tell, but she is wearing a chear leading outfit she got for her birthday. She had pre-school the day of her birthday and insisted on wearing it to school. I am pretty good to say "Whatever" but it was cold outside and it didn't have sleeves. After an hour of being upset her dad said..... "Let her wear what she wants, it is her birthday" He was right and she wore it. Thankgoodness I got a sweater on her. Oh, and don't you love those beautiful earings?

Great Grandma & Grandpa

I absolutely love this picture. I am so blessed to have the best parents and grandparents in the world. Grandma and Grandpa came up for the day and we all went to Mom & Dad's. We had the best day visiting. They are the perfect grandparents and I adore and love them so much. They are wonderful examples. "We Love You Guys!!!

Kylan, Great Grandma Pearce & Ghavan

Ghavan, Great Grandpa Pearce & Kylan

Great Grandma and Chloee cuddling in the chair. PRICELESS!!