Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chloee's Graduation From Pre-School

My Baby graduated from Pre-school today. Thankgoodness she has another year. I couldn't handle it if she was going to Kindeeeegarten next year. Love You Baby Girl!

Chloee was very proud of her diploma. With her dad graduating a few weeks before, she was very aware of what "gadgeeation" was all about!

Chloee & Rilee - We are so blessed to have our cousins around. Chloee and Rilee are inseperable. One of the parents asked the teacher what the obsession that Rilee had for Chloee was about. Teacher Janice explained that they were cousins - Hey, look at these two.... wouldn't you be obsessed with eachother too??

Chloee and Teacher Janice!! All my kids have had her for a pre-school teacher and we love her so much. Chloee says "I love her and give her hugs everyday - I Love Pre-school".

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