Thursday, June 4, 2009

Winter 2009

We have some great friends that invited us to go sledding. We went to a hill that is right by our Stake Center. We spend a long time there and had so much fun. Thanks Matt, Annish and Bridg - we are so blessed to have you as friends.

Wow - That looks like fun!! And look at that DEEP mark I am making with all that heavy weight on that sled. (HAHA - who cares)

My little snowbunny. She doesn't get cold and could stay outside in the snow for hours on end.
She pulled that sled up the hill so many times. She was amazing.

Ghavan kept throwing snow on everyone. Finally Matt and his dad got even with him. He wasn't very happy, but he had it coming!

Ky found some friends and they made a jump. He brought his cousins snowboard and had a blast. He is a natural (Imagine that - isn't he at everything he tries) - Love you Ky!

Ok, so after the long hard day of climbing the hill, her daddy's help was a must. What a team.

Chloee & Bridger - He loves to come and visit "Chloee and the boys" He is expecting a little sis of his own in a few weeks.

Annisha - pregnant and looking great. Helping Bridge up the hill.

Matt - brought that great shovel. It was a great tool for the snowfight he and Eric had with Ghav.


  1. Thanks for the awesome time! We love hanging out with you guys!!!